Can anyone tell me
How deep is the sea of time
You and my heart
We’ve really been in love before
Are you still listening
I’m calling out for you
Why do I feel like I’ll never be near you
I seem to believe less and less
My life without you
It’s like there’s no beautiful bridal gowns in the world
Why in my eyes
There’s a premonition that it’s going to rain
Although I’m among a crowd of people
I’m still feeling very lonely
Why in your eyes
I can’t see any fondness
Could it be that love has dissolved in time?
Can anyone tell me
How far away is the kingdom of love
You and my dream
Will it come true?
Why our reason to be in love
Followed you as you turned and left
Maybe the kingdom of love is too far away to reach

Heaven's Wedding Gown

p/s:masih dalam mud menjiwang...huuhhu..sebenarnya diambil dari drama Taiwan.Tajuknya Heaven's Wedding Gown

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