The rising sun drives back the darkness, bursting out of the waves
Light like arrows, each line breaking the silent sky
While you wordlessly hold onto my despondent hands
Attempting to play against the wind and the sea

Watching adults fight each other to the death
Unable to turn back and touch the richness of life
I see myself not fighting but shaken
On the black and white keys, my hands begin to tremble

In the east, the sun’s shadow churns as ambitions seethe
Which ray of light is the direction we should follow?
Once again, faith is collapsing by the minute
Pulverizing boundaries; who’s coming with me, you or him?

Falling leaves spiral endlessly; cold wind blows incessantly
Courage caught in my throat makes me strive without regret
Close your eyes in silence and listen to your heart’s voice carefully
Believe in the underdog’s courage because we haven’t the right to lose

Beside the window, tears soften the sunlight’s glare
The sound of the piano grinds on the wound
While I wait for the light of the breaking dawn

When the victory song begins to play
Dawn breaks from the eastern waves
Leading [our] hopes, I have a pair of uncrushable shoulders

suka dengar lagu ni + translate dia.bila aser sedih n give up nak wat keja..lala~

Nan Quan Mama ( GUY yang pegang gitar tu hensem ler..haha)

lagu ni kumpulan band Nan Quan Mama yang nyanyi..ain x paham le nape suke beno lagu cina..dan sekutu2 mata sepet ni..haish..musiman kot..jap g layan lagu indon x hingat.ngan lagu jiwang karat 90 an pulakk..wawawa~ maklumla..universal music x masuk g jap g ain post lagu der..kiter ni hidup kat dunia macam2 budaya,bangsa dengan bahasa..rugi la maknernyer kalo takat dengar lagu anak mat salleh.jer..bukan lagu mat salleh tu 100% best..takat dengo lagu justin bieber n lagu ya ya ya awww.hish.x berkembang..dengan lagu melayu je...hehe..lagu ker movie ker.layan jer kan semua..hahaha (jangan yang bukan2 ngan x elok sudah yerk )./hohoho~

p/s:boring dah dengar kpop n segale jenis muzik popop ni kot.hihihihi

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