you tell me
..that i was the one who not understand.
.even u never understand
..never try..dont try to understand me trying to a better person i  know i can be better for us
...sometimes promises is easy as u said
..and to be easy to be broken like a piece of glasses
..when u know i have try hard
.u should know that how much i really want to have a future with you
..even u never know it..
even if one day
..i should let you go
..if i cannot make u happiness anymore

p/s:maybe u happy with me..but who know's u will be more happy if i let you go..isnt??


deella mozas said...

u can share ur problem with me if u want...Remember that! peace..hehe

Sara Here ! said...

u can share with me too also

.:AiN iKeUchi:. said...

hhehe..share with me too... (: