Im Sorry

Im sorry i always bother u
with my tons of message and misscall..

Im sorry for wanted to see you ,listen your voice
Everyday,every minute every second ..

Im sorry i cant stop thinking about you everyday
about what u doing ,with who,
do u think about me too ?

Im sorry i cant stop myself crying
coz im turn into sensitive person because of you
I never knew falling in love will make me such a crying baby
Every little things u do
Can easily touch me for the whole

Im sorry always worried about you
are u ok ? are u smiling ? are u crying ? .
im worried so much i cant see u everyday
in front of me....

Im sorry sorry for falling in love with you .And i dont even know why i fall for you
I just did with one click
I feel like fall from a top of building
And im drawn into you .

Im sorry i will never ever let you go
i cannot let you go
Even i know .
Your heart is never belong to me.
You dont even want me..
And you keep going farther than me
And its make me soooo sad
Even i notice it all
I still trying hard to keep holding and u

Maybe i know someday i need to u let go
When u find someone that u deeply in love with
Just like i do
Just exactly like how i feel to you
Im still waiting for you
waiting and waiting . . .
And idk what im waiting....But still theres slightles hope
And i still smiling and my heart still full of butterfly even just listen you voice
Even one day
I can only see u from a far

I really wanna makes u happy
I really wanna makes u smile.
And be there for u even in a worse
For a month ,for a years and forever
Im still me
And always be me

And i will still deeply in love with you

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