Korean Ballad Song 2015 Favourite


Its been a long time ive been updating my blog.Kinda dont have a time to update my blog and barely to post anything.And here im back.Not gonna post something too long like kinda speech luls.
Just want to share a song that i lately attach with. (Sorry for my bad bad!!) kkkk
This some of 2015 ballad song that i love.And of cos its korean ballad song which ive been love since long time ago.

5.Only Person - KWill
This song is from Korean Drama Ost Pinocchio.This drama is soo good you guys need to watch it.Its about pinocchio syndrome and broadcasting world.Nice and lots of good example being show by this drama.Comedy,thriller,family and i guess one of the best drama .This ost sing by Kwill known as one of the famoust OST singer out there.So you guys can check it out

4. Hopeless Love -Park Jimin
This is debut song from KPOP SUPERSTAR season 1 winner Park Jimin who actually already being debut in group duo 15& with Baek Yerin.Shes a amazing young singer who already hit me with her powerful vocal.Shes also fluent in english.So she kinda young Ailee or maybe much better one day.Shes only 15 years old when she debut as duo group now she already turn 18 years old.You guys need to check her other cover song.Her english is soo fluent make her sound like a native speaker..Heoll..not lots of korean singer fluent in English.

3.Davichi - Cry Again 
This duo group is the one and only ballad girl group that i always being waiting for their comeback.And it doesnt dissapointed me.The song is soo good and the album also was good.You guys need to check it out this song also.Its release early this year and its totally become of my favourite ballad song.  :D

2.Ulala Session-With My Tears
Start to fall in love with this ballad group when they sing OST from other drama which i dont remember.This song from OST Persevered Go Hae Ra.This drama is one my favourite too.Really inspired to reach your dream and dont give up.No matter what happen in your life.Which time flies but you still can make you dream come true as long as you live.This song is just heartbreaking and Ulala Session voice really2 suit this song.
(I just know that Ulala Session was a Winner from reality show MNET Superstar)Sigghhh..their song isss good..I dont know why they not much popular outside of Korea

1.Naul- You from the same time
This is the song that become no 1 on my list.You guys MUST MUST check it out this song..what a messy english of me.hahahah.Who care..this song is soo good and being release also early this year.It already being on chart for a couple of month until today.I wrote this post it still on chart .This song is soo good and Naul voice is very very suitable with this kinda song.kkkk~ Naul is from R&B SOUL group Brown Eyed Soul.Its been in industry for quite sometime.And i never know about them.Hahahaha~ 

So this is sooo far my favourite list of kpop ballad song for the first half of 2015..Hope more more good song like this will produce.